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Product Details

Adande has developed a unique range of Refrigerated drawer systems which by ingenious design gives consistent temperature control over a wide range of products. From storing cheese at +12 to scooping Ice Cream at -15 or storage of frozen product at -18, Adande does it all with very little temperature difference and without drying out, leaving product in frost free pristine condition.

How is an Adande Different?

Cold air is denser than warm air, so every time you open the door, or the drawer, the cold air literally falls out. So, Adande designed a fridge and freezer system that holds the cold air in, and it keeps it in, with its specially designed insulated drawers. Other traditional door or drawer units force the cold air around the cabinet in order to keep the contents cool. Whereas, an Adande gently drops cooled air onto the contents when the drawers are closed.

Triple Standard drawers
Side engine
Temperature range -20C up to +15C
Operating range 15C to 43C ambient
Standard Castors
Cover Top
18 x 1/1GN 65mm deep capacity (not included)
Max weight loading 0kg
10 Amp cordset supplied

Dimensions: 1100mm Wide x 700mm Deep x 1289mm High